Ir-rifless tiegħek fil-mera Hu l-isbaħ poeżija tiegħi Imma, għaggel sparixxa Hi l-aħħar “Inħobbok” tiegħi
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Maltese poem, translated by Renata

Audio voice Daniela
Maltese love poem. Poem to smile to the sun of the east, on the beaches of the Mediterranean. A Maltese poem to translate the prettiest Maltese woman. The Maltese national language of Malta has 500,000 speakers, it is a Semitic language written in Latin aphabet, originating in Sicilian Arabic. It is sometimes considered as a dialect of the Maghreb Arabic, and it is the only form of Arabic which is written with a Latin alphabet. Malta is a small archipelago with a long history since it occupies a strategic position in the Mediterranean. After Phoenician, Greek, Carthaginian, Roman, Arabic, Spanish, the island becomes in the 17th century, a nest of Christian corsairs, and in the 18th century, the great center of French commerce in the Mediterranean. The order that decline, let Bonaparte to occupy the island, then it is the turn of the English to seize it. The autonomy granted and then revoked will be effective only in 1964. The historical heritage of Malta is of a great wealth (burials and megalithic temples), and its particularly pleasant climate make it a privileged tourist destination.
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