Твојата слика во огледалото  Е мојата најубава поема  Но побрзај, се брисе  Последен пат ти велам, те сакам
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Macedonian poem, translated by Alicia & Dragance

This Macedonian poem is a translation into the language of Macedonia of my poetry "la glace". Read it and keep its magic, do not let it fade. My Macedonian love poem is there to tell you I love you, as in Alexander's epoch. How was it, you will tell me? It was soft and tender as a warrior's heart, winner on the battlefield.

Macedonian is a Slavic language of the south, close to Bulgarian, with 2.5 million speakers. It is the national language of Macedonia. It is written with a Cyrillic alphabet. For the fine arts, the Macedonian school is defined by the realism of the scenes, the love of movement and life which attest a Hellenistic influence. The Macedonian language, like Bulgarian, has lost the nominal declination. There are three dialectal groups: those of the north, close to the Serbian language, those of the eastern Bulgaria, with which they are sometimes confused, and those of the west, used more widely and which are the basis of the common language.

A transliteration of my little poem.

Tvojata slika vo ogledaloto

E mojata najubava poema

No pobrzaj, se brise

Posleden pat ti velam, te sakam

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