Macedonian love poem


Твојата слика во огледалото

Е мојата најубава поема

Но побрзај, се брисе

Последен пат ти велам, те сакам

Translated into Macedonian by Alicia & Dragance
Macedonian love poem

A transliteration


Tvojata slika vo ogledaloto

E mojata najubava poema

No pobrzaj, se brise

Posleden pat ti velam, te sakam

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Macedonian language

This Macedonian love poem (Љубов песна) is a translation into the language of Macedonia of my poetry "la glace". Read it and keep its magic, do not let it fade.

My Macedonian love poem is there to tell you I love you, as in Alexander's epoch. How was it, you will tell me? It was soft and tender as a warrior's heart, winner on the battlefield.

Macedonian is a Slavic language of the south, close to Bulgarian, with 2.5 million speakers. It is the national language of Macedonia. It is written with a Cyrillic alphabet.

First of all it is important not to confuse the Macedonian language, which is a language of the southern group of Slavic languages, with the old Macedonian spoken by Alexander the Great .. even if the affiliation of this last language remains uncertain, in any case, it is not Slavic.

Macedonian is close to Serbian and Bulgarian. Its origin is in the dialects of the Slavic populations settled in the Balkans towards +500 +600. The old Slavonic which is the oldest Slavic language, was spoken around Thessaloniki (Greek Macedonia). The Macedonian language, like Bulgarian, has lost the nominal declination.

There are three dialectal groups: those of the north, close to the Serbian language, those of the eastern Bulgaria, with which they are sometimes confused, and those of the west, used more widely and which are the basis of the common language. Standard Macedonian is based on the dialects of the center-west, with elements from other dialects.

After having remained more than 400 years in the Ottoman Empire, Macedonia has been fragmented and one finds, outside Macedonia, speakers in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria etc.

Macedonian literature

For the fine arts, the Macedonian school is defined by the realism of the scenes, the love of movement and life which attest a Hellenistic influence.

It is in the 19th century with an intellectual current, who wishes to write the spoken language, in place of the old Slavonic, that begins a real literary activity. active in two regions, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

First, all these intellectuals call this language "Bulgarian" without agreeing to choose a dialect as standard. Bulgarian from the north-east will become the standard of the Bulgarian language while for their part the Macedonians are looking for their standard. 1848, with Filipov de Bansko's letters to Gerov, marks this break.

If a standarborns, after the first world war, Macedonian is treated with contempt by Serbs and Bulgarians, who both place it, in the rank of dialect of their own language. If some linguists recognize it as a language, it will be necessary to wait for their number to grow.

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