Romanian love poem


Chipul tau in oglinda

E poezia mea cea mai frumoasa

Dar repede, el se sterge

E ultimul meu Te Iubesc !

Translated into Romanian by Delia

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Chipul tau in oglinda E poezia mea cea mai frumoasa Dar repede, el se sterge E ultimul meu Te Iubesc !Turn
Original version
Poem the mirror

Romanian woman

Romanian apparition with this love poem (dragoste poezie) from Romania. These little four lines in Romanian have the gift of your reflections. It upsets, and pierces you, in penetrating the total screen of your girl creams. It has the tanned complexion of your daily happiness. Words follow you, and find you, some fly away in your thoughts, and in their turn they draw me! You are the Romanian appearance of my love poetry.

Come to put on my skin, a few of your body milks. Only you, know how much i need it!

History of Romanian literature

The Romanian language is the national language of Romania, it is essentially Latin with some borrowings from Thracian and Slavic languages. Romanian is also the national language of Moldova. 24 million Romanians will understand my call! It is at the beginning of the 16th century., that the first publications are found in the Romanian national language.

In the second half of the 19th century, Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creanga, and Ion Luca Cara giale put the Romanian poetry at its highest peaks. The Romanian poets Lucian Blage, B. Fundoianu, Ion Pillat, Aron Costrus, Tudoor Arghezi, Ion Barbu, innovate in sensitivity and lyrical expression; The avant-garde poetry, is represented by Tristan Tzara, Ion Vinea and Ilarie Voronca.

The period before the war has also saw the beginnings of writers Mircea Eliade, Eugene Ionesco and Emil Cioran. As for the Romanian poets, since 1968 they want to be independent of any dogmatism. There are: Stefan Augustin Doinas, Leonid Dimov, Mircea Ivanescu Constanta Buzea.

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