Moroccan love poem


صورتك فالمراية

اجمل قصايدي

سربي قرايها قبل ما تمشي

راها آخر مرة كنقول فيها كنبغيك

Translated into Moroccan & voice خاتم نعيمة

Audio Naima (from Sale)

A transliteration

Swrtk falmrayة

Ajml qsaydy

Srby qrayha qbl ma tmshy

Raha akhr mrة knqwl fyha knbghyk

إنها آخر مرة أقول فيها أحبك أسرعي ستختفي أجمل قصائد شعري صورتك في المرآةTurn
Original version
Poem the mirror

Moroccan woman

Moroccan love poem, darija of Rabat (دارجة) . In the kingdom of Morocco, this Maghrebi dialect is as well understood by Arabic speakers as by Berbers. There are at least two variants of the darija, darija of cities, and darija of Bedouins, which incorporates some Berber words. With nearly 35 million inhabitants to understand it, this Arabic dialect remains unavoidable.
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