Tut te dikhav andro gendalos  Hin najšukareder mri poesia  Sidžar kaj te na našľol  Hin oda miro paluno kamav tut!
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Gypsy poem, translated by Emilie Horáčková

As in most of languages there are many dialects of romani. My love poem, here is translated in the Gypy (gipsy) language of the Romani people of Czech Republic, here into sinto. The origine is of course Indo-European and this langage come from India (especially drom hindi and Bengali), with influence of iranian, greek and armenia languages, and for this dialect of course czech and slovak. I am proud to see my short poem translated into gypsy, proud because, i remember wonderful evenings just near the camp fire, in listening the music playes by Tzigane people, and got mainy pleasure et pris beaucoup de plaisir to see them danse. I like the joy of life of Romani, there smile and the nice clothes of always beautiful gypsy women, there skirts are really light up with the camp fire. There music in Czech Republic took the sad and happy accents of this country. I would so must see you again, to be seat and look at you when you danse, surrounded by the circle of caravans. Will you re-invite me the "Gadjo français", to participate in one of your parties. For this I am ready to come to the Czech Republic! But for that I need a sign. Send me that red stuff where you wrote "mon coeur"!
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