Tvoja slika u ogledalu Je moja najbolja poezija Ali budi brz, nestaje To je moje zadnje Volim te
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Bosnian poem, translated by Kanita

Audio Begzad Kubat, BM Radio
Poem "the mirror" translated into bosnian. Don't tell Her that his reflection is Serbian or Croatian, her picture is an unique bosnian love poem. Even translated, my 4 little lines would to seduce you. Are you a poet you will ask me? A bit, sometimes i shall answer you, but you, are you a poetess? But before, where are you? Have you seen YOUR poem, to keep it secret inside you. Yes, secret, because the words of love must always remain secrets.

2.2 million speakers will understand this translation. Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and Montenegrin are in fact one and unique language. Bosnia takes its name from the Bosna (the Bosante of Antiquity), a tributary of the Sava. Its a part of the Roman Empire in the 6th century, and in the 10th century, the object of the ambitions of Bulgaria which annexed the eastern border. Then, it is a part of the Croatian state. In the 15th century Bosnia must pay tribute to the Turks who conquier it. Its status is then special. Then it's a war with Austria. With the retreat of Turks in the 18th century the situation of Bosnia deteriorate and it is the war with Serbs and Montenegrins. Austria-Hungary will finish to annexe it in 1908. The movement of young Bosnians is formed and led to the assassination of François Ferdinand in Sarajevo, so come the First World War. In 1918 Bosnia unite with the new "Yugoslav" state.
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