Greek love poem

Ο καθρέφτης

H όψη σου στον καθρέπτη

Eίναι το πιό όμορφό μου ποίημα

Aλλά βιάσου, θα χαθεί,

Eίναι το τελευταίο μου σ'αγαπώ

Translated into Greek by Ioanna & S. Ismene
Audio voice Alexandra
Greek love poem

A transliteration

O kathréftis

H ópsi sou ston kathrépti

Eínai to pió ómorfó mou poíima

Allá viásou, tha chatheí,

Eínai to teleftaío mou s'agapó

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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I like this Greek translation ... Its writing is so delicious. My Greek love poem (Ποίημα αγάπης) with an audio voice, is there to tell her a last I love you. She is from Athens and sits daily on an old stone to admire the Parthenon.

This love poem, with the charms of a Hellene of Athens, shines with all the brilliancy of her long black hair!

The modern Greek (Grec, Crimeo-Rumeic, Cypriot Greek, Tavro-Rumeic, Neo-Hellenic, Griko, Salento, Ellinika, Saracatsan, Greco, Romaic, Katharevousa, Cargese, Mariupol Greek, Graecae, Dimotiki, Aspromonte, Autonym : Νέα Ελληνικά), is an Hellenic language which is written in the bicameral alphabet.

It is spoken by 22 million people spread over several countries including Greece and Cyprus of which it is the official language. Greek is a language imported by Indo-Europeans in the second millennium.

Modern Greek literature is fixed at about the 12th century. To reach, with the "klephtics" songs its point of perfection in the 18th century. These songs of love, death and exile are all composed in the verse king of modern Greek poetry: the verse of 15 syllables. The Greek poet Solomos, the founder of modern Greek lyric, will naturally turn to them. In the 18th Vilaras and Righas Feraios make patriotic poems in demotic.

In the 18-19th Solomos will catalyze the poetic synthesis, Andre Calvos will not exceed a cold neoclassicism.

At the end of the 19th "my journey" crystallizes in poetry the strong personality of Kostis Palamas. In the 1930s a new generation will create some very modern poems (Seferis). After the war Kazantzakis creates "Alexis Zorba".

Greece, which is located at the southern end of the Balkan peninsula, forms a continental and marine universe that has radiated over the ancient world. The absence of large rivers, the fragmentation of the relief and of the island limit the agricultural possibilities of the country.

Its economy is based on tourism and on the merchant marine. Born of the loves of Demeter and Poseidon, Greece and the Greek language were well worth a poem.

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