Толинд туссан чиний минь дүр  Наддаа төгс уянгалаг яруу найраг  Гэвч, яараарай тэр замхархана  Хайртай гэх сүүлчийн үг минь!
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Mongolian poem, translated by & voice Bolormaa Algaa

Pretty Mongolian, this love poem is in your language the Mongol. The women of Genghis Khan epoch possessed mirrors, and even then, the most beautiful of Mongol poems was their image.

Mongolian (khalkha) is the language of 7 million people in China, Russia, and of course in Mongolia of which it is the national language. After using alphabets: traditional, Chinese, Tibetan and Latin, today Mongol under Soviet influence is written in the Cyrillic alphabet. Mongolia is 85% Khalkhas and its capital Ulan Bator brings together 1/3 of the population of the country. The last nomads of Mongolia, sheltered under their traditional yurts and dressed in their colorful costumes, continue a life of tradition, transmitted from generation to generation. The Mongolian name does not appear until the 11th century, when a tribe carrying it tries to organize a state in eastern Mongolia. Temudjin (Genghis Khan) gave it a singular scope, his successors completing "the conquest of the world". Let Genghis Khan carry my little poem from the Amur River to the Volga!
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