१ तू तो मारी आंखा माइने है  २ आ कविता तो घणी चौखी छः  ३ पन बो जल्दी सु गायब हो गीयो  ४़. मु थनै आखिरी दाण कैई पीयो ही कि मु थनै प्रेम करूँ छुः
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Rajasthani poem, translated by Jai Joshi

Love poem translated into Rajasthani, a language of Rajasthan that belongs to the Indo-Aryan subgroup of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages. In India, thi language is written in devanagari, Pakistan in modified Arabic alphabet. About 20 million people speak Rajasthani, a language Western indic. There are about 20 dialects belonging to four groups: the marwari, close to sindhi and the most extensive that all the others united, jaipuri, malvi and mewati, which makes the transition with western Hindi. The marwari is the main literary dialect. An important oral literature, made up mainly of heroic ballads, dates back to a very ancient period. Rajasthan, located in the northwest of India has Jaipur as capital. Its southeastern part is fertile, the remainder is desert.
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