तूगेलै तौडं आरशय़न पोळचै  मउणँजै मौजै सौबीत गीत  पूण वैगीन कौर तै गायब जावपाक शकता  है मौजै अँत हँव तूझौ मौग कौरता
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Konkani poem, translated by P.Fernandes

Konkani love poem (Maharashtra) for 8 million Indians, or 4 million Indians girls. The prettiest of them often dresses red and yellow in very soft drapes. It sometimes happens to her to dress in an European way. For her it is the memory of the time when she was studying in Paris. She travels a lot, and still studies languages, because she hopes one day to find that, which is common for all men. A poetry and a konkani poem (Konkanese), in an Indo-Aryan language which is written with the kannada script. The konkani is one of the 22 official languages ​​of India, one finds it mostly in the Goa state. The word konkani comes from the name of the inhabitants of the country "Kukkana". The Konkan is the coastal region of India that goes from Daman to Goa. The population is rural and subsists by rice fields, coconut palms, vegetables and jute. A string of small ports, situated at the mouths of the coastal rivers, practice cabotage and fishing.
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