Malayalam love poem


കണ്ണാടിയില്് നി൯ രൂപം

നീയാകും എ൯ നല്ല കവിേത

പക്േഷ െപാടു൬െന മായും

ഇെത൯ അന്തൃം "ഞാ൯ നിെ൬ സ്േനഹിക്കു൬ു".

Translated into Malayalam by Rani Andrew

A transliteration of my poem.

Kaṇṇāṭiyil ni9 rūpaṁ

Nīyākum e9 nalla kaviēta

Pakēṣa epāṭu6ena māyuṁ

Ieta9 antr̥m "ñā9 nie6 sēnahikku6u".

കണ്ണാടിയില്് നി൯ രൂപം നീയാകും എ൯ നല്ല കവിേത പക്േഷ െപാടു൬െന മായും ഇെത൯ അന്തൃം ഞാ൯ നിെ൬ സ്േനഹിക്കു൬ുTurn
Original version
Poem the mirror

Beauty of Lakshadweep Islands

The french love poem the mirror, translated into Malayalam (Malayali) the Dravidian language of southern India, official in Kerala and Pondicherry. Your light makeup is a simple pencil trace on your eyes, and your weighing jewels are bronze bracelets on your wrists. This malayalam poem is for a beauty of the Lakshadweep islands, who is lost among 37 million Malayalam speakers.

Malayalam language and literature

Malayalam is the official language of Kerala. It is closely related to Tamil. There are: 3 dialectal zones, and marked differences for each caste.

Malayalam literature is the youngest of the great Dravidian literatures. It is also one of the most varied and brilliant in India. It is also very diffused, because Kerala is very literate. The earliest work in malayalam would be Darukkavadham, a song dedicated to the goddess Kali. A family of poets from Niranam, gives to Kerala its version of the Gita, its first Mahabharata, and a Ramayana by Rama Panikkar. Regarding Eluttaccan, he remains the greatest classical poet of the 16th century.

Traditional poetry is represented in the 18th century, by Variyar de Ramapura, in the 19th century, by Maharaja Swati Tirunal and Irayimman Tambi and early 20th by K.C. Kesava Pillai. Finally, the two Nambudiri, of the family of Venmani, lead at the contemporary epoch, the extraordinary virtuosity of Sanskrit poetry, in an erotic vein that will represent, for some, the symbol of decadence. The great trio, Asan, Vallatol, and Vlur Paramesvaran, criticism as much as poet, infuses a greater romanticism to poetry. G. Sankara Kurup is considered to be the greatest contemporary malayalam poet.

The writing system of malayalam comes from the brahmi and the grantha. It is beautiful and round like her smile!

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