Darthlalang a i hlim thla leng  Ka thuziak mawi ber  Mahse hmanhmawh rawh a liam hma in  A tawp na atan ka hmangaih che
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Lushai translation of my poem Fifi

Love poem into mizo language (lushai). This language of Mizoram is spoken by 700,000 speakers in India, Bangladesh, and Burma. It is written with the Latin alphabet. The Mizos are of Tibeto-Burmese origin. This poem is in lushai, the tonal language of the Kurdish group of the people zo (mizo), who lives in the northeast corner of India. The Mizos (Lushais) are an ethnic group of the chin group, established in the mountains of Mizoram. They practice culture on burning and form a patrilineal society, where polygamy remains reserved to the aristocracy. The Mizoram (northeast of India) is detached from Assam since 1972. Its population is made up of tribes of diverse origins. It is in this state that one finds the highest tribal concentration of India.
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