Kachhi love poem

Arise me tujo akss,

Meriyan khasi shayri aay mujhe

Pan jaldi kaija e hatti ti wenay

Hee mujho chhelo prem jo sandesho aay.

Translated into Kutchi by Muhammad Fazil Hingoro & Nilu

Original version
Poem the mirror

Her beautiful colored clothes & language

The Kutchi version (Kachhi, Cutchi, Cuchi, Kutchchi, Kutchie, Cutch, Jadeji, Kacchi, Kachchhi, Kachchi, Kachi, Katch, Katchi, Kautchy), of my small love poem, for 1 million speakers. Cutchi is spoken in India, to the northwest in the Kutch region, and in Pakistan in the Sindh region between Gujarat and Sindh. This language is considered to be a dialect of Sindhi, which is derived from different languages of Rajasthan, such as Gujarati and Punjabi. You will easily find photos of the young women of this region, who show their beauty, dressed in their beautiful colored clothes. It is written with different scripts: Gujarati, Devanagari, Khojki, and latin letters.

The Kutch

The Kutch is an area of India (Gujerat), consisting of a peninsula bordering the Arabian Sea, Kutch Golf, and the vast swamp called Rann of Kutch, which borders the Thar Desert and the Indus Delta. The very arid climate allows inland only extensive farming, while the coastline more populated, draws resources from fishing and salt pans.

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