Kachhi love poem


Arise me tujo akss,

Meriyan khasi shayri aay mujhe

Pan jaldi kaija e hatti ti wenay

Hee mujho chhelo prem jo sandesho aay.

Translated into Kutchi by Muhammad Fazil Hingoro & Nilu
Kachhi love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

The Kutchi language

The Kutchi version (Kachhi, Cutchi, Cuchi, Kutchchi, Kutchie, Cutch, Jadeji, Kachchhi, Kachchi, Kachi, Katch, Katchi, Kautchy, Autonym : કચ્છી (Kacchi)), of my small love poem, for 1 million speakers.

Cutchi is an Indo-Aryan language of the Indo-Iranian group of the Indo-European language family, spoken in India, in the north west, in the region of Kutch, state of Gujarat, as well as in Pakistan between Gujarat and Sindh.

There are also speakers of this language in Africa (Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya), America (Canada, USA), as well as Great Britain.

Kuchi which comes from one of the very old vernacular languages of India (prakrit), is considered by some to be a dialect of Sindhi, which comes from different languages of Rajasthan, such as Gujarati and Punjabi, and by others as a dialect of Gujarati.

In any case, it is understandable by the speakers of these two languages which affect its linguistic area. In India its speakers were referenced as speakers of Sindhi, so to affirm it as a full language and revitalize it, the Kutchi Sahitya academy was established.

For the moment Kutchi remains an essentially oral and unwritten language, even if some believe that in the past, it would have been written, with the Dholavira script or the Khojki script.

In any case, some later used either the Arabic script of Sindhi or that of Gujarati, or in Latin letters. To avoid fracturing the writing of this language straddling two countries, 10 years ago a pictorial script was created especially for it.

What a joy it would be for me to receive this translation in this new form.

The Kutch

Kutchi means turtle in Kutchi and Kutch means island in Sanskrit, the word comes from one of these two origins which well represents the shape of this region.

The Kutch is an area of India (Gujerat), consisting of a peninsula bordering the Arabian Sea, Kutch Golf, and the vast swamp called Rann of Kutch, which borders the Thar Desert and the Indus Delta. The very arid climate allows inland only extensive farming, while the coastline more populated, draws resources from fishing and salt pans.

You will easily find photos of the young women of this region, who show their beauty, dressed in their beautiful colored clothes.

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