Ạrsi re amak̕ rup umul  Ińạk̕ mońj utạr onoṛhẽ  Usạraeme baṅkhan chan adok̕a  Noado̠ ińạk’ ses “Dulạṛet̕meạń”
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Santali poem, translated by & voice Ujjwal Hembrom

The little love poem in its santali (Santhali) version. About 6 million speakers speak this Munda language. The santali, is the aboriginal language of Santâlîs people (Santals) of India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is the most important of the Munda languages, since it comprises 80% of speakers of these languages. One can write it with different systems, the old script Ol Chiki, or else: oriya, devanagari, bengali, or as here, in Latin letters.

The Santals, like many aborigines of India, continue to live according to their ancient rites and traditions. They are tribal peoples, who live of agriculture and form a patrilineal society, which is divided into exogamic clans, in which polygamy is permitted. Hindus, the Santals continue to worship spirits and ancestors.
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