इस सीसे में तेरी या तस्वीर,  मेरी सबते सुथरी कविता सै,  तगाजा कर, ना ते या मिट जावेगी,  आखिर बे कहूँ सू तेरते - रे बावली, मै प्यार करू सू तन्ने!
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Haryanvi poem, translated by Rakesh Ahlawat

This language of Haryana state is quite close to Braj Bhasha, and has 30 million speakers. The Haryanvi (hariyāṇvī, harayāṇvī) which has many dialects, is considered a variant of Hindi. 30 million people will read my poem in Haryanvi, that is to say 15 million women, so many lovers to come, it is not nothing! This language of the Hindustani group is written in devanagari, it counts several dialects. Should I translate my love poem into all these dialects? Haryana where it is spoken is a state of northern India, essentially agricultural. It is the first state in India to have fully realized rural electrification.
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