Tulu love poem

കന്നദി-ദ് നിന്ന പ്രതിബിമ്ബ

ഉന്ദു യന്ന പ്രീഥിദ കബിഥെ

ആന്ദാ കദെസവൊചി പ്രിയെ

അവുവെ യന്ന കദെഥ ഒലുമെ

Translated into Tulu by Samarth Rai

In latin letters

Kannadi-d ninna prathibimbha

Undu yanna prithidha kabithe

Aanda kadesavochi priye

Avuye yanna kadetha olume

Original version
Poem the mirror

Tulu language

A Tulu (Tal, Tallu, Thalu, Thulu, Tilu, Tullu, Tuluva Bhasa, Bantwal, Belthangadi, Puttur, South Central Tulu, Southeast Tulu, Southwest Tulu, Sullia Subrahmanya, Udipi, Brahmin Tulu, Common Tulu, Kasaragod, Kerala, Mangalore, Manjeswara, Northeast Tulu, Northwest Tulu, Autonym : ತುಳು‎ (Tulu), ತುಳು ಭಾಷೆ‎ (Tuḷu bhāṣe)) love poem, in the Dravidian language of Tulu people. Tulu is written with the kannara script. Tulu is spoken in India, and in the rest of the world, by about 5 million people. This southern Dravidian language, spoken in the south of Karnataka and in the north of Kerala (Mangalore region).

Tulu is considered an endangered language, and has no official recognition in India. Rich in many borrowings from the kannara, and despite a very important folklore, the tulu has no literary tradition. The first inscriptions in this language are old since they date from the 14th century.

A bit of herself

I hope you will enjoy these rounded shapes. These are a bit of herself and her forms. Will she read me one day? I'll see if she writes to me!

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