आरश्यातील तुझी प्रतिमा  हीच माझी सर्वात सुंदर कविता  पण जरा घाई कर, ती धूसर होतेय  तीच माझी शेवटची प्रेमाची अभिव्यक्ती आहे
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Marathi poem, translated by Ganesh

Poem for the love of more than 72/2 = 36 million marathi speakers. She is one of them. It is in marathi (maharathi) language that one day she will read me. But, she is so mischievous that I know that she will compare, to mock me, her marathi and hindi image.

The marathi is close to the eastern Hindi. If thare are many dialects, the standard form is based on that of Poona. Marathi literature begins in the 10th century, under the influence of two religious sects, which adopt it as a preaching language. This literature is poetic, devotional and narrative. Until the 17th century, continues the tradition of religious poetry with Vamana, and Raghunath. Sridhar represents refined poetry, Moropanta, is a scholarly versifier. The modern period begins with Kesavasuta and other reformer poets. A group of poets, the "Ravikiran mandal", tries to bring poetry back to the expression of everyday life, which leads to the reaction of later poets such as Ravi Anil and Despande. As for lyrical comedies in marathi, they are undoubtedly among the best in India. This poem is in the Marathi language of Maharashtra, and in the devanagari writing system. This official language in India, is also spoken in many other states. Maharashtra is a state of western India, the main city is Bombay, it is there that SHE resides.

A romanization of my short poem.

aarshyaatil tujhi prtimaa

hik maajhi srvaat sundr kvitaa

pn jraa ghaai kr, ti dhusr hotey

tik maajhi shevtki premaaki abhivykti aahe

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