Ka dur jong phi ha iit  Kadei ka phawar ba bha tam jong nga.  Hynrei kloi ka jah.  Ka long kaba khaduh 'nga ieit ia phi'.
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Khasi poem, translated by Bat

Here is for her, alone in the midst of her family, that my love poem is translated into khasi (Khashi), her language of the Khmer group.This Khasi poetry is in the Austro-Asian language spoken in the states of Meghalaya and Assam, as well in Bangladesh. The khasi is the language of less than one million aborigines, it can be written with a modified Latin alphabet and sometimes with the Bengali script. It is a language that UNESCO considers as an endangered language.

Khasis people are organized in a matriarchal society, and retain their own customs, the Indian constitution recognize them. They are hunters and blacksmiths who mainly practice cultivation on burning. They are organized into exogamous matrilineal and matrilocal clans, which are subdivided into castes. The affairs of the village are settled during the durbar. The Khasis are animists.
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