Mingsenda tariba nangi mami  Masi eigi khwaidagi fajaba seirengni,  Adubu, masi mangkhini thurase.  Masi eigi aroibani, Eina nangbu nungsi!
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Meithei poem, translated by of my poem Lily, Rick & kiyamba

The meitei love poem (meithei, manipuri). A translation into a language spoken in India in the state of Manipur where it is official language. 1.3 million people will be able to understand my short poem translated into meitei, a language belonging to the Kukois group of Tibetan-Burmese languages, which one also find in Bangladesh and Burma. In principle the manipuri is written with a particular script (meitei mayek). For this translation I have only a romanized version, but it will have the advantage of giving you an idea of how it must be say. Manipur is a state of India between Burma, Nagaland, Mizoram and Assam. Located in the chain of the Arakan, Manipur has a mountainous territory to 92%. All these mountainous areas constitute an important forest reserve.
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