ତୁମୠ ପ୍ତିଛବି ଦରପଣେର  େହଉଛି େମାର ବଡ କବିତା  କିଂତୁ ଜଲ୍ଦି କର ଏଟା ଲିଭିଯାଇପାେର  ଏଟା େମାର େଶଷ େଲଖା ମଁୁ ତୁମକୁ ଭଲପାଏା
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Oriya poem, translated by Ritaraninayak

Poetry translated into oriya (odia) a language that speak 32 million people. My beauty, you are written in four very small lines. Do you think they're all right? Do you think they would need to get more words? No! You know better than anyone that a glance without words is enough for love! Love poem in oriya version, the official language of the state of Orissa, in the east of India.

The orya language, through the magadhi, derive from Sanskrit. One knows just a few dialectal variations. The first writings date back to the 14th century. The "Kesava Koili" by Markanda Das is the first visnuite poem. The 18th century. Sees a flowering of sung poems over the loves of Radha and Krisna. Madhusudan Ray gives birth to the modern poetry. Gopabhandu Das, orya poet and social reformer, founds the Satyavadi school. One of his colleagues Nilakantha Das is poet and translator. The poet Sachi Routaray delivers a committed work. As for the title of "poet of the terroirs", it returns to Nandakishor Bala. The state of Odisha borders the ocean, its language has its own writing system, here again a beautiful alphasyllabaire. The smallest Indian language has an impressive number of speakers. In India everything is played by millions.

A transliteration of my poem.

tumar̥̄ ptichabi darapaṇēra

ēhauchi ēmāra baḍa kabitā

kintu jaldi kara ēṭā libhiyāipāēra

ēṭā ēmāra ēśaṣa ēlakhā mam̐u tumaku bhalapāēā

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