Chakma love poem


𑄃𑄚𑄖𑄴 𑄖𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄍𑄪𑄝𑄨

𑄃𑄧𑄦𑄴𑄣𑄧 𑄟𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄬𑄝𑄉𑄧 𑄘𑄮𑄣𑄴 𑄇𑄧𑄝𑄨𑄬𑄖

𑄦𑄣𑄨𑄇𑄴 𑄏𑄘𑄨𑄟𑄘𑄨 𑄣𑄪𑄉𑄨 𑄡𑄭 𑄥𑄨𑄠𑄚𑄴

𑄃𑄨𑄠𑄚𑄴𑄃𑄮𑄃𑄨 𑄟𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄗𑄪𑄟𑄴 "𑄟𑄪𑄭 𑄖𑄧𑄬𑄢 𑄇𑄮𑄌𑄴𑄛𑄋𑄴"

Translated into Chakma by Basu Deb . RibengUni.ttf
Chakma love poem

A romanization


Anna tor sobibo

Olo mor bego dol kobite

Halik, jhadi lugi jai sian

Eyanoi mor sej "tore hochpana"

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Changma language and Chakma people

Little Changma love poem (Chakma, Changma Vaj, Changma kodha, Takam, Changhma, Sakma, Tsakma, Sangma, Daingnet, Chakama, Autonym: 𑄌𑄋𑄴𑄟𑄳𑄦 𑄞𑄌𑄴) the Indo-European, Tibetan-Burmese language of the Chakmas in the Chittagong Hill.

I love this alphabet so finely drawn ... in your language, the chakma, it has a bit of the roundness of your cheeks!

Chakma, is in an Indo-European language of the Assamese-Bengali group, understood in the south-east of Bangladesh and in India by one million speakers.

The chakma khoda language contains 6 dialects, and is written in ojhapath ... there again a magnificent script ... It resembles you!

There are about 13 languages spoken in Bangladesh and these languages borrowed from English the colonizing country whose language also serves, with bengali as the lingua franca. The chakma also linked to the colonization of in the Chittagong Hill will have too borrowed many words from English.

Most often, in family and in the religious sphere, the Chakmas use their mother tongue. If sometimes in the family or neighborhood sphere they also use Bengali, the latter language is most often used in other areas.

Although in Mizoram, a mother tongue education system has been set up to try to preserve the language, Bengali and English are the overwhelming majority languages for instruction. The government so far has not kept its promises to extend its will to preserve the changma.

If previously, the chakma had a whole literature, with in the first place as often, poetry and religious texts, there were also songs, medical writings and theater, today the use of the language is no more than mainly oral, to communicate between people.

Often parents, well aware of the usefulness of Bengali and English, teach them to their children to the detriment of the language of their ancestors. This multilingualism which affects the majority of the population can only favor the loss or in any case the changes in the language.

Chakma peoples (Changma) are spread between India, Bangladesh and Burma for a total of nearly 3 million people.

After real genocidal tragedies in the 70s during the independence of Bangladesh, if their situation has improved, this country continues to consciously downsize their number to colonize their lands and replace them by Bengali.

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