𑄃𑄚𑄖𑄴 𑄖𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄍𑄪𑄝𑄨  𑄃𑄧𑄦𑄴𑄣𑄧 𑄟𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄬𑄝𑄉𑄧 𑄘𑄮𑄣𑄴 𑄇𑄧𑄝𑄨𑄬𑄖  𑄦𑄣𑄨𑄇𑄴 𑄏𑄘𑄨𑄟𑄘𑄨 𑄣𑄪𑄉𑄨 𑄡𑄭 𑄥𑄨𑄠𑄚𑄴  𑄃𑄨𑄠𑄚𑄴𑄃𑄮𑄃𑄨 𑄟𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄗𑄪𑄟𑄴 𑄟𑄪𑄭 𑄖𑄧𑄬𑄢 𑄇𑄮𑄌𑄴𑄛𑄋𑄴
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Chakma Basu poem, translated by Deb Chakma http://hillbd.com

Little chakma poem (changma kodha, changma vaj, changhma) the language of Chakmas people. I love this alphabet so finely drawn, it has a bit of the roundness of your cheeks! Your chakma love poem, is in an Indo-European language of the Assamese-Bengali group, understood in the south-east of Bangladesh and in India by 350,000 speakers. The chakma khoda language contains 6 dialects, and is written in ojhapath, there again a magnificent script ... it resembles you!
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