Chakma love poem

𑄃𑄚𑄖𑄴 𑄖𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄍𑄪𑄝𑄨

𑄃𑄧𑄦𑄴𑄣𑄧 𑄟𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄬𑄝𑄉𑄧 𑄘𑄮𑄣𑄴 𑄇𑄧𑄝𑄨𑄬𑄖

𑄦𑄣𑄨𑄇𑄴 𑄏𑄘𑄨𑄟𑄘𑄨 𑄣𑄪𑄉𑄨 𑄡𑄭 𑄥𑄨𑄠𑄚𑄴

𑄃𑄨𑄠𑄚𑄴𑄃𑄮𑄃𑄨 𑄟𑄧𑄢𑄴 𑄗𑄪𑄟𑄴 "𑄟𑄪𑄭 𑄖𑄧𑄬𑄢 𑄇𑄮𑄌𑄴𑄛𑄋𑄴"

Translated into Chakma by Basu Deb . RibengUni.ttf

A romanization

Anat tor sobibo

Olo mor bego dol kobite

Halik, jhadi lugi jai sian

Eyanoi mor sej "tore hochpana"

Original version
Poem the mirror

The roundness of your cheeks is Changma

Little Chakma (Changma Kodha, Changma Vaj, Changhma) the language of Chakmas people. I love this alphabet so finely drawn ... in your language, the chakma, it has a bit of the roundness of your cheeks!

Chakma, is in an Indo-European language of the Assamese-Bengali group, understood in the south-east of Bangladesh and in India by a few million speakers. The chakma khoda language contains 6 dialects, and is written in ojhapath, there again a magnificent script ... It resembles you!

Chakma people

Chakma peoples (Changma) are spread between India, Bangladesh and Burma for a total of nearly 3 million people. After real genocidal tragedies in the 70s during the independence of Bangladesh, if their situation has improved, this country continues to consciously downsize their number to colonize their lands and replace them by Bengali.

Neighboring language
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