Magahi love poem

अइना में तोहर परछाहीं

हको हमर सबसे सुन्दर कविता ।

लेकिन जल्दी करऽ , गायब हो जयतो

ई हमर अन्तिम "तोहरा से प्यार हको"॥

Translated into Magahi by Narayan Prasad
Magahi love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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French poem

Magadhi and Magadha

Translation of the love poem into Magahi (Bihari, Magadhi, Megahi, Magaya, Maghai, Maghaya, Maghori, Magi, Magodhi, Northern Magahi, Central Magahi, Southern Magahi, Autonym : मगही (magahī)), a language of Bihar which has 15 million speakers.

Besides Bihar, Magahi is spoken in Jharkhand, Orissa and western Bengal. This language like several others (Assamese, Oriya, Bangla, Maithili, Bhojpuri) has as ancestor the Magadhi Apbhransha. The two main words for this language are Magahi (more popular) and Magadhi (the word used by the most literate).

In India, Magadhi and its speakers are considered more rustic, less refined than other groups and their language, because originally Aryans, this group was more easily mixed with the tribal groups present, in leaving the Vedic tradition .

Magadhi has several dialect variants separated into two groups, those of the east and the west. These different dialects use different scripts. Indeed we find the magahi written in devanagari (the most frequent), kaithi, oriya and bangla.

Buddha certainly spoke magadhi prakrit, the vernacular language of the kingdom of Magadha, the precursor of magahi. This language, despite its respectable number of speakers, is not recognized by the Indian constitution.

Magadha is one of the 4 main kingdoms of India at the time of the Buddha, it is located near the confluence of the Ganges and the Son. The Magadha Empire which dates from the seventh century BC was created by the Haryanka dynasty, its capital was Girivraja.

It is the cradle of Buddhism and Jainism since Buddha and Vardhamāna (Mahavira), were contemporaries of the reign of Bimbisara. Breaking with tribalism, fortified cities developed there from -600. It has many holy places.

Its very rich history, with the contributions of these two great philosophies, Magadha was also at the origin of a great wealth from the point of view of science, mathematics, arts and literature. The Muslim arrival with Mughal reign will be its end.

For her still other words, because in another language to try to translate her. Your language, is not just simple language, it is the language that the bards used to declaim their poems. Already, all were trying to seduce you!

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