Maithili love poem

अयना मे आहक छबी,

हमरा लेल कबिता थीक सुन्दर्तम,

देख लिय नही त बिला जायत ओ,

अन्तिम बेर कहैत छि "प्रीती करैत छि हम"!

Translated into Maithili
Audio voice Shabda Karna

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Poem the mirror

Woman from Mithila

Poem translated into maithili (मैथिली, maitili, maitli), a bihari dialect, which count 25 million people. She live in the region of Mithila, and it is one of the two languages that she speak, the other is called love! This Indo-European language is spoken in India, in the State of Bihar and in Nepal, and has the status of official language. But you, are you Nepalese or Indian? Are you really from Mithila? You are from no country and all at once, because you are simply of the human race.

The maithili

The maithili, strongly influenced by Bengali, possesses a very rich folk literature. Its alphabet is the mithilakshar, but the devanagari is also very frequently used. It is the second language in Nepal. Bihar, is a state of northeast of India. A rich poetry exists from the 15th century, and in 19th Maithili is declared as a separate language from bihari.
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