Bodo love poem

आयनायाव बेरखांनाय नोंनि महरानो

आंनि बयनिख्रुइबो साबसिन खन्थाय

नाथाय, बेयोदि थाबैनो गोमोरलांबाय

बेनो आंनि जोबथा "आं नोंखौ मोजां मोनो"!

Translated into Bodo by Aleendra Brahma

A romanization

Ainayaw berkhangnai nwngni mohoranw

Angni bwnwikhrubw sabsin khonthai

Nathai, beywdi thabnw gwmwrlangbai

Benw angni jobtha "Aang nwngkhow mwjang mwnw"!

Original version
Poem the mirror

Bodo language

Love poem translated into Bodo (Mech, Meche, Mechi, Bara, Bodi, Boro, Boroni, Chote, Kachari, Mache, Meci, Autonym : बोडो‎ (boḍo)), a Tibeto-Burmese language spoken in India and Nepal. This official language of Assam is written with the devanagari script, or latin, originally it was in Deodhai. The bodo is one of the official languages of India, and it's spoken by 1.5 million people.

The Bodos

The Bodos are part of the Aborigines of India (Ādivāsī). They live on agriculture and handicrafts, they are organized in a patrilineal society, where polyandry is allowed. Although Hinduism and the caste system have penetrated their everyday lives, the Bodos remain attached to their religious traditions. They continue to worship ancestors and spirits.

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