Assamese love poem


আইণাত পরা তোমার চায়ায়ে,

মোর জিবনর ক বিতা,

কিণূ সোনকালে বুজিবা, ই ঐক খ্যনিক মায়া,

আরু তোমার বাবে মোব ঐই শেয ভাল পোরা.

Translated into Assamese by Sara Awal
Assamese love poem

A transliteration


Ainat pora tumar saya e

Mur jeevonor kabita

Kintu hunkale bujiba, e ek khyanik maya,

Aru tumar babe mur ai hekh bhal pua

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

Assamese women

Assamese (Asamiya) for all the women of Assam. They will be half the 20 million speakers to understand it. A poetry, where shines all the brilliance of their eyes. And among them, I have seen two eyes, brighter than the others. This assamese love poem is for a face and a coppery skin, a whole body draped in silks.

Aassamese language & literature

The Assamese, which is the official language of Assam, has its own script for writing, it differs from that of Bengali by a few letters. It is an Indo-Aryan language, one of the 14 recognized by the Indian Constitution. Not far the orya and the bengali, it uses a writing system close to the nagari.

Assamese is a very ancient language with a long tradition. The Chinese mention it in the 7th. Assamese, Indic language, got its distinctive shape and form with the influences of non-Aryan languages surrounding it. In the 15th century one find narrative poems and in the 16th Sankaradeva composes in Assamese verses the bhagavata as well some lyric poems Krisnaites. In the modern period, poetry become patriotic, mystical and lyrical. Assam is in easternmost India and borders China and Burma.

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