Brahui love poem


Ádenk aŧí, Ná droşum

Kaná gicen á şáirí e,

Vale zú kar, avdem maro

Dá kaná guđđíko sát e, “Í ne xuáva”

Translated into Brahui by Dr.Liaquat Ali Sani
Brahui love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Brahui language

A love poem in the Brahui language (alternative names : Brahudi, Brahuiki, Barahui, Kalat, Brahuigi, Brahuidi, Biravi, Kur Galli, Sarawan, Jhalawan, Jharawan, Brahvi, Birahui, Kurd Gali, Autonym : براہوئی), a Dravidian language of Pakistan.

One more to the pantheon of my translations, Brahui is surely one of the ancient languages of the world.

This language, isolated in the Dravidian family, which is agglutinating, is written with our alphabet and some modified letters.

It is spoken by 3 million speakers in Baluchistan, which is shared between Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. The Brahuis speak their mother tongue in and around the ancient state of Kalat, as well as in northern Sindh.

Even if the Brahui Academy of Pakistan strives to preserve this language, Brahuiki is considered an endangered language, its loss would of course be tragic.

It has suffered especially in its lexicon, the profound influence of the surrounding Indo-Aryan languages (Baloutchi, Sindhi, Pashto), but the grammatical structures remain Dravidian.

In general there is consensus among different researchers, to recognize the work of archaeologists, who say that the civilization of the Indus Valley (Sindhu Sabhyata) was a civilization, not Aryan, but pre-Vedic. Their language was Sindhu which had 3 branches, Brahui like many other languages (Sindhi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Saraiki, Rajasthani, Lahndi, Hindi, Kashmiri), descend from it.

This Indus Valley civilization was very developed when the Aryans composed the Rig Veda around 1000 BC.

Brahui's earliest known written texts date from the early 19th century, but other manuscripts are believed not to be in libraries.

Oral tradition most often tell stories conveyed by an important traditional poetry. We can say that it is of very great importance, since it is it which bring to life a cultural memory which draws on a several millennia old past.

Poets among the Brahuis, mark with their creations the main major events of life (birth, marriage, death).

Today Brahui literature is active and engraves Brahui culture and folklore on paper.

The Brahuis

The Brahuis or Brahos, are populations of the Baluchistan repressed in the mountains of the eastern region by the Balochs. It is believed that the first populations of Baluchistan left Iran, to go towards Indus.

If the Brahui culture has never been encouraged by the government, it is still very much alive.

The colorful clothes, dresses and costumes, music, dance and many other forms of art such as sculpture are a very distinctive heritage of their ethnic group.

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