Ainar bútore tuáñr cokól,  Ziyán añár bicí cúndoijja ceér,  Mogor, áñzizagói yián toratori,  Añár alfas yián ahéri Aññí tuáñre muhábbot gorí!
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Rohingya poem, translated by & voice Mohammed Siddique

Translation of my love poem into rohingya language (ruáingga, rohinggya, rohingiya), for nearly 2 million speakers. This Chittagonian dialect is spoken by the Rohingyas of the state of Arakan in Burma (Myanmar). It is written either with the scripts Urdu, Burmese, or as here with a modified Latin alphabet. This language is close to the Bengali but the two are not intercomprehensible. The origin of the Rohingya people is uncertain.
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