तिम्रो तस्विर एैनाको  मेरो सुन्दर कविता हो ।  तर छिटो गर यो अदृश्य हुनेछ  म प्रेम गर्छु तिमीलाई यो नै मेरो अन्तिम हो ।
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Nepali poem, translated by Tamang Saraswati

Translation and nepalese love poem (nepali), for your reflection, just as eternal as the snows of the kilimanjaro. The blue sky of the azure which throne above the clouds is your mirror. This Nepalese poem it's you! He draws you in an Indo-Aryan language, official in Nepal. Others like you, speak it in India and Bhutan, about 16 million people.

Nepalese, the oriental variety of the pahari, borrowed many words from Tibetan. Like Hindi, Nepalese is written in devanagari. Nepalese literature is mainly composed of translations. Nepal is located in the Himalayas between China and India. The country is a high place of sports tourism for all those who like trekking and mountaineering. This country, which unites many ethnic groups, remains poor and very rural.

A romanization of my poem

timrō tasvira ēainākō

mērō sundara kavitā hō .

tara chiṭō gara yō adr̥śya hunēcha

ma prēma garchu timīlāī yō nai mērō antima hō .

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