Tedi tasveer sheeshay wich  Ae medi pasandeeda nazm hay.  Jaldi kr Ae gayab thi wesi.  Me teku pyar karenda
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Saraiki poem, translated by Haider

Saraiki love poem (Bahawalpuri, Seraiki, Siraiki), a Punjabi dialect between Pakistan and Afghanistan. There will still be 17 million Saraiki speakers, to understand this poem from North Sindh and East Balochistan. The Saraikis, also called Mutanis, have a long tradition of poetry. There are a number of well-known poets in their ranks, such as Abdul Wahab Farouqi alias Sachal Sar Mast. Although widely spoken in Pakistan, this language still has no official recognition. The script used to write it is usually the Persian script.
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