Meng yi le ging di fanxie,  Xi du gu zui meili di xipian,  Danxi ha ni wei jiu xiaoxi le,  Gien xi du gu zui hou di gu ai meng.
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zhuang of liujiang poem, translated by & voice 雪梅 周

Translation of my love poem in zhuang liujiang dialect a tai-kadai language, written here in mandarin pinyin. I dare not to transcribe it alone in Chinese characters, my knowledge being very limited, it would be imperfect. In any case the zhuang is the non-Chinese language, the most spoken in china. There are 15 million speakers, the wuming dialect is the reference. After the Hans, who are 90% of the Chinese, the Zhuangs represent the largest ethnic group in China.
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