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Translated into Wu-Suzhou by 吴语协会
侬勒镜子里个影像  是我顶顶好个诗篇  渠消失得箇能介快  是我爱倷压末一遍

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Poem the mirror

She is tall and distinguished

Wu-Suzhou love poem, for two slanted eyes that illuminate this Chinese province. She is tall and distinguished, and wears as jewels only two small gold rings hanging from her ears. This Chinese girl is magic, people stop by seeing her, it is certainly a fairy! It seems that it is there, in Suzhou, that they all born! This dialect of Suzhou, gives to my little mirror poem, all the weight of its simplified sinograms.

Wu and Suzhou

The wu, has had a great historical importance, especially during the Ming period. Suzhou is a city in Jiangsu, in the east of China, 100 km from Shanghai, which has 10 million inhabitants. It is the cradle of wu culture. It is a city with many canals.
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