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Translated into Hunanese & voice 李慎涵

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Poem the mirror

An Hunanese woman

My little love poem translated into Xiang (Luoshao, Shaoyang, Xiang Chinese, Loudi, Yiyang, Jishou, Hunanese, Changsha, Hsiang, Changyi, Jixu, Jishu, Hunan, Xupu, Autonym : 湘语‎ (Xiang)). She is so beautiful, that my poem has a wonderful reflection in the mirror! For me, these chinese ideograms to write to you, are wonderfully aesthetic. They represent an abstract painting, which fills me with emotions, and is self-sufficient.

Xiang language

Xiang is a Chinese language spoken in Sichuan, Hunan and Guangxi. And, there are still 40 million Chinese, who speak this Sino-Tibetan language neighboring Mandarin and Wu. The xiang refers to the xiang river that passes through Hunan. As for Sichuan and Hunan, they are two provinces of the interior of China.

Xiang language, can be divided into two main subgroups, the innovative New Xiang spoken in the capital Changsha and other areas in the east, and the Old Xiang spoken in southwestern Hunan and in the Guangxi.

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