Malay love poem


Bayanganmu di dalam cermin

Adalah puisi terindahku

Tetapi begitu cepat ianya hilang

Terakhir dariku "aku cinta padamu"

Translated into Malay by Dora & Nora Harizan
Audio voice Donna
Malay love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
Original version
French poem

HER the siren & her language

Poem "the mirror" translated into Malay (Malaysian, ملايو, bahasa melayu). My imagination decided to make it the home of pirates and shipwrecked women. Undoubtedly I read too much in my youth of those cheap adventure novels which carried me away to those distant lands.

Then I decide today that this poem about love is for the Eastern land of the little mermaids, because amidst all these witches there is, HER, the siren of a new tale to be invented.

Malay is the national language of Malaysia and has 260 million speakers. There are several forms in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. It is written with the Latin alphabet.

Malay belongs to the subgroup of Western Malayo-Polynesian languages of the Austronesian family. To quote other Malay languages having Proto-Malay as their origin: Minang-kabau, Kerinci, Banjar, Iban and Jakarta Malay (Indonesian). It is believed that the origin of the mother tongue is northwestern Borneo. Some groups of these populations migrated 2,000 years ago in the east of Sumatra. Some others would have traveled south to Ketapang, then to Bangka and Belitung. Those left behind are the ancestors of the Dayaks (Iban, Selako). There are notable differences between their languages when these groups have remained isolated.

Malay, was the language of the kingdoms of Malacca strait, a crossroad for the trade. When the spice trade developed, Malay exported to and around the Moluccas. At the arrival of the Portuguese, there were already Creole forms of Malay, creoles linked to this trade, which tended to replace the regional languages. If literary varieties existed, the most prestigious was that of Riau-Johore, closely related to the Sultanate of Malacca. Nowadays there are two main standards of Malay, namely Malaysian and Indonesian, because the region was shared between British and Dutch. Indonesian and Malaysian are two dialects of the same language, which have evolved, borrowing from Dutch, for Indonesian, and English, for Malaysian, or by borrowing on one side, and taking a Malaysian snuff on the other.

In Malaysia, since the independence of the country, Malay has become the national language of the country. This could pose some difficulties because the Malays accounted for only 50% of the population, the others being Indians and Chinese. The other national language in Malaysia is English, which has become the language of instruction.

Malay literature

The oldest known documents in Malay are cave inscriptions of the 6th century. Literature will begin in the 15th century with the Arabic alphabet. Alongside a popular literature develops a court literature, wrote as a poetry (syair), generally adapted from foreign sources. It processes Mahabharata, or Mahomet.

In 1600 Hamzah Fansuri composes mystics syair with great poetic density; A few decades later, Nur ur-Dinar-Raniri preaches a return to orthodoxy. At the disappearance of the sultanates, the classical Malay literature tended to be extinguished a little to be replaced around 1900 by the modern Malay literature.

This literature is inspired by the Western and the Middle East model, mention Syed Syeukh bin Ahmad al-Hadi's work. For the more recent period after 1950, the most famous writers are Shahnon Ahmad and A. Samad Said who describe with realism the society of their country. Malaysia is in the South East Asia. Just like Indonesia its biodiversity is very rich. The country in thirty years has become a modern country.

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