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Poem the mirror

Pretty Shanghaian woman

Love poem in wu, version Shanghai! The shanghainese is the most widely spoken of the wu dialects, and it is the reference for wu. It could be understood by 15 million people! In this script, it already has in itself the form and the beauty of a drawing in chinese ink. If we count all its dialects, the wu is the most spoken language in China after the mandarin, probably a total of 90 million people. A pretty Shanghaian woman, one day will compare her reflection, reading this poem first in wu, and then in Mandarin.

Chinese dialects

In China there are 8 main gropus which encompasses an enormous range of dialects themselves fragmented into local talks: the wu, the min of the north, the min of the south; The yue, the xiang, the gan, and the hakka. The level of intercomprehension between these dialects is virtually nil. On the other hand, in front of all these dialects, Chinese writing is a valuable factor of unity, since the characters do not transcribe sounds, they are symbols whose pronunciation will be Different from one dialect to another.
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