Tetum love poem


O nia lalatak iha lalenok

Mak hau nia puisia nebe furak

Maibe lakon lalais deit

Ida ne'e mak ikus "hau hadomi o"

Translated into Timorese by Olinda

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Poem the mirror

Timorese language

The love poem translated into tetum Dili (Teto, Tettum, Tetung, Tetu, Tetun, Belo, Belu, Fehan, Foho, Hill Tetun, Lakluta, Lia Fehan, Lia Foho, Natarbora, North Belu, Northern Tetun, Plain Tetun, Plains Tetun, Belu Selatan, Belu Utara, Eastern Tetun, Soibada, South Belu, South Tetun, Southern Tetun, Tasi Feto, Tasi Mane, Tetun Belu, Tetun Loos, Tetun Los, Tetun Terik, Tetun Therik), the official language of East Timor.

Tetun is an Austronesian language used as a lingua franca in East Timor (except in the far east), and in neighboring areas of West Timor. If it is the native language of 500,000 people, many more speak it as a second language.

This malayo-Polynesian language has several dialects, Dili, Terik, Belu ... Because of the history the tetum borrowed many words from Portuguese. 1.3 million people will be able to watch themselves, in a mirror, with my verses, translated into tetum. Our Latin alphabet suits it very well.


Timor is split into two parts: the West, which is Indonesian, and the East, which is independent. The western part was Dutch and the eastern part Portuguese.

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