Harena ta surat  Ma bo sheyali nazam  Magar shaw bos haya ghaib boyn  Haya ma akheri lu ke awa tasum muhabat kman
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Khowar poem, translated by Haidar & Shah

Khowar love poem (Chitrari, Citrali, Kashkari, Khawar, Patu, Qashqari, Arniya, Chitrali), a language spoken by the khos populations in northern Pakistan. You are the most beautiful girl of your ethnic group, but is it important for you? No! The only thing that matters to you is love, and you give a lot around you. You will like to do so much more. You will also like that one day a poet draw your heart outlines, because, in your mind, everything else has no importance.

My khowar poem, besides you, will be understood by about 300,000 khos, who mainly reside in the Chitral district in north Pakistan. This dart of Khos or chitralis language is one of the regional languages of the Chitral. Here, my poem is written with the Latin letters, the khowar in principle is written with an Arabic alphabet.
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