Zhuang guibei love poem

Aen ngaeuz mwngz youq ndaw gingq,

Dwg fwen gou ceiq giengh.

Hoeng,de mbouj raen riuz lai,

De dwg aen "Gou gyaez mwngz" gou youq laeng.

Translated into Zhuang guibei by Horizon

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Poem the mirror

Zhuang guibei dialect

The translation of my poem into zhuang guibei. There are many zhuang dialects! The standardization of zhuang is based on another dialect of the north, that of Wuming. This language tai-kadai, is spoken in Guangxi, a province of southern China, it has made many borrowings from Chinese. If its writing is of course with the Chinese characters, I have here only a transliteration in Latin characters.

The Zhuangs

Rice farmers and craftsmen, the Zhuangs live in houses on stilts. Their traditional social organization reposes on the exogamous and polygynic clan. Dominated by the culture of ancestors, their religion is accompanied by practices of spell and fertility rites.
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