Pijin love poem


Fes blong iu lo miro

Hem barava fevaret stori blong mi

Bat iu mas kuik taem bifo hem disapia

Hem last taem blong mi, mi barava lavem iu

Translated into Pijin by Jerolyn Vili
Pijin love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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Pijin and the Solomon Islands

love poem translated into Solomon islands pijin (Neo-Solomonic, Solomons Pidgin), a creole based on English and close to the papuan tok pisin. My little love poem into Pijin (Pidgin) will be understood by 400,000 people, pijin is the communication language of the Solomon.

The Solomon Islands pijin Pidgin appeared on the plantations, where Melanesian workers were found supervised by English speakers. Its stable form dates only from 1920, and little by little it settles like a Creole in the Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands, formerly Bougainville, are a state in the southwest Pacific made up of thousands of small islands and a dozen larger ones.

Historically they came under British protectorate in 1893, then were added islands of the German protectorate, the outer eastern and peripheral islands.

They took their independence in 1978, by seceding from Papua, when the latter took its independence in 1975. This independence not having been without clashes and internal problems, sharpened by tribal rivalries and irredentist currents.

Their population is predominantly Melanesian, and the first contact with Europeans is Spanish. For the French, we must mention La Pérouse and the reefs of Vanikoro.

It was not until the 19th century, with the passage of whalers that contacts took on more importance, and it was with them that commercial jargon began to emerge, a mixture of English and Polynesian, which will become the pidgin of the Solomon Islands.

The deportation for work to Fiji as well as the evangelization will do that with the Pidgin, the Fijian could have become a language of importance to the Solomons, but the missionaries will also choose the Pidgin and help it too in its development.

After the Second World War, English, which will become the only language at school, took precedence over the local languages, to become, with Pidgin, the lingua franca.

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