Ko ho'o 'ata 'oku 'ihe sio'ata  Hoku fo'i maau faka'ofo'ofa  Ka, 'Ai ke vave na'a pulia  Ko hoku faka'osi, 'oku ou 'ofa atu.
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Tongan poem, translated by TMK

A small translation of the love poem into Tongan (Tonga), the national language of the Tonga Islands (Polynesian language), a language close to the Niuean language. There are about 150,000 speakers for this language spoken in Tonga a Polynesian state of the Pacific. Tongans have as their basic unit the "household", which brings together an extended family, and regroup in coastal villages. This mode of patrilocal residence corresponds to a filiaton of the patrilineal type, reinforced by the sororate. Their society is stratified into classes, including, nobles (chiefs), invested with all wealth, their assistants, and the people, are all under the quasi-divine authority of a chief (Tui Tonga). Tangaloa is one of the most important figures of their many divinities. Tonga, in the South Pacific has 150 islands, often volcanic. Some islands are overpopulated, and their inhabitants have to migrate to the main island of Tongatapu, or even to New Zealand. Like all Polynesian islands, the beauty of its landscapes make it a high place for tourism. But they are nothing compared to this Polynesian beauty, which bathes, and collects shells by whispering poems, in the magnificent lagoon that borders its house.
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