To whakaata e roto te whakaata  Maku tena tino ataahua koe ki waiata  Kei hea ra mate, ma te haere koe ki roto  E ngari te po nga arohanui ko koe
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Maori poem, translated by Yvonne, voice Cole

Maori love poem for a distant princess of the South Seas islands. This little Maori poem is the answer of a man a bit poet, in front of your avenging weapon, your seduction, which drowned him in your beauty. The reo maori is an official language in New Zealand and spoken by 160,000 people, it is part of the Tahitian languages group. You dance the "haka" in front of your lovers, just to make them smile. Maori art is one of the most famous of Oceania for the richness and fineness of its carved and chiseled decorations on the frameworks of the headquarters, the pirogues and many suite objects. Stone and ivory are also skilfully worked to make weapons or ornaments.
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