A blebelem el ngar er a dirk  A kot el ungil klangireng  Eng di kmal mereched el mo dibus  Tia a ulebongel ak kmal betik a renguk er kau.
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Palauan poem, translated by Darlene Hicks

Translation of the love poem into palauan (belauan). The palauan is a Malayo Polynesian language which come from the paradise islands of Palau (Belau) where it is an official language. 20,000 people speak it. This archipelago comprises about 200 volcanic or coral islands, Palau is the main one. Discovered in 1543 by Villalobos and Spanish possession until 1899, the archipelago will be bought by the Germans, and under Japanese mandate in 1919-1945. He is then administered by the United States and become independent in 1980. I know a young girl from Koror, a long-haired brunette who swims every morning in the clear water of the lagoon. She is a descendant of the Moros these famous pirates of the seas.
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