E mata-mu gi spe-us  Mas bonita pometu  Loa chadik ma funas  E utimu hu guiya hoa!
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Chamorro poem, translated by Erica

Here is the translation into chamorro or chamoru of my little love poem. This Malayo-Polynesian language, the official language of Guam and Mariana Islands, has about 50,000 speakers. Chamorros are an Austronesian people, very mixed blood with Spanish, European, Filipino. Their culture will have been influenced by all these input. The Marianas include 15 volcanic islands. Discovered by Magellan in 1521, the archipelago is occupied by the Spaniards until 1565, sold to the Germans in 1899 and administered by Japan from 14-45. Today, it's a state associated with USA, the population is mainly concentrated in Saipan which is the largest island. Natural forest has often been replaced by secondary forests or savannahs where livestock live. The Guam island has many military installations, and develops for tourism, with for the majority of its visitors, Japanese tourists.
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