Kilelemw nan kilas  Ih nehi nempwe keio wad  Apw mahdang e sorala Nei las ih poakpoakeuik.
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Pohnpeian poem, translated by Jessica

The poem translated into the Micronesian language of the island of Ponape (Pohnpei), 35,000 speakers. Poetry translated into Pohnapeian (ponapean, pohnpei, ponape) for all young girls of Kolonia. Pohnpei is one of the four islands of Micronesia, and the Pohnapeian is its official language. This little paradise is that of the prettiest girls in the world, whereas to say of that one which is over prettier than all the others. Some have told me that they have burned their eyes by force of watching her on this sunny island. Will she invite me one day in her lagoon, I am also ready to burn my eyes!
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