Sasingum non kinas  Uwa men sani kamen pwan nioch  Nge mi chok mwitir ne mworono  Saingon ai kapas ngonuk pwipwi ai tong ngonuk
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Chuukese poem, translated by Jiahn Rikim

Short translation of the poem into chuukese (trukese), for 40,000 speakers. In French chuuk, it's one of the official languages of the Federated States of Micronesia. Chuuk or Truk, is one of the states forming the Federated States of Micronesia, its inhabitants are the Chuukois. These islands are magnificent, the blue and clear water of the lagoon contrasts singularly with the color of her eyes. She is brown with a golden complexion, her eyes are of the color of her hair, her life is in the sun, mostly away from the world, she flees people, only nature is her world. The day she walks the sand of the beaches in search of shells, she makes bracelets, necklaces or just put them at home and watch on them. The evening and the black of the night surround her body, and the wind from the open air, which the fine veil of its curtains passes through, refreshes and envelope her like a mantle which carries her away, far away in resting dreams.
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