Kosraean love poem

Lomom ke selnguhn ah

El pa kahs in pupulyuk kato se emet luhk

Tusruk, silaklak met liki wanginla

Pa ingen "Nga lungse kom" safla luk nusum!

Translated into Kosraean by Jessica

Original version
Poem the mirror

Kusaie language

The poem translated into the Micronesian language (Austronesian) of Kosrae island (Kusaie), the Kosraean (Kosrae, Kusaiean, Kusaie, Lelu-Tafunsak, Malen-Utwe), which count 8,000 speakers. A translation into Strong's Island is the easternmost island of the Caroline Archipelago (109km²), and one of the four Federated States of Micronesia.

Her language

The kusaiean is her language. Like her, it is Micronesian and shares a good percentage of vocabulary with the languages of the neighboring islands, for example with the Ponapean ... Like her, it is Micronesian and shares all the traits inherited from the origin and long voyages on the ocean ... All these traits then fixed by lazing in the sun, filtered and softened by coconut milks.

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