Qëmekei eö ngöne lai thulu, Eje hi lai loi poeme i eni ka hmingöming, Ngo lolojë ej ha patr, Hawe ejei hë lai : eni a hnimi eö !!
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Kanak-Drehu poem, translated by Juliette & Marlyz

Kanak drehu love poem, a translation of French poetry "la glace". Drehu is the language she speaks, but she never succeeded in speaking the language of the masculine gente, besides, can she succeed in doing it? Yet it is the language of the chiefs, the language of Lifou, one of the Loyalty Islands, and my poem has all the mirror of sun and ocean that surrounds it, to reflect her. This Austronesian language is spoken by 16,000 people. It is one of the Kanak languages with a regional language status.
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