Né meï rö gra-yi Nâ rö ra mwâ yu ka ë ki tö nê-e Wa a béré wè nâ vii Wè nâ pè tökoa ki riè xiniâ : nâ eu kit ö néi
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kanak-ajië poem, translated by by Meboede Yasmynaa

Small kanak ajië poem (Wai, Houailou, Wailu, Anjie or A'jie). An in love translation of the mirror of the sun. It is on the ocean mirror of underwater golden sands that you will find this kanak love poem. Ajie is one of the important Kanak languages since it is a regional language which has 5,500 speakers. It is a language that one teaches and that one can take at the baccalaureate. The ancestors figures are everywhere present in New Caledonia, carved on the doorframes and lintels, as well as on the retaining posts or on the beams of the large chieftain's huts. These stylized figures and the geometric ornaments that complement them are treated in bas relief in the south and the center of the island, in round bump in the north. In the north also are built large masks in high relief and richly colored, which personify mythological beings.
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