O lou ata i le faaata  Oute fiafia ai lava  Ma e vave ona liua  O lau tala mulumuli ouke alofa ia oe
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Samoan poem, translated by Vaiomanu, Aigaa & Miracle

A poetry in translation for this love poem translated into Samoan, the Polynesian language of the Samoa Islands. With the expatriates Samoan (Australia, New Zealand), here is a Samoan poem that can be read by 400,000 people! Samoan is the official language of both Samoa (American and Western), it is of course a Polynesian language. In Samoa, the center of political and ceremonial life, the village houses households, made up of extended families under the authority of a (matai) chief. The highly hierarchical sociopolitical organization of the Samoans (referring to the conception that the chiefs have a divine origin, which confer them a sacred power and authority), included the existence of a legal and administrative council in the village, extended to the district, whose the supreme chief was inducted by an electoral college. The traditional Samoan god is "Tagaloa".
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