Ghari love poem


Na nunumu laona qilasi

Ia niqu tutuqu rerei dou ba

Ko tsaku ke tau nanga,

Niqu kodesina "Au Galuvego"!

Translated into Gari by Andie James
Ghari love poem

Book of poetry "La Glace"
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French poem

Ghari language and art to the Solomon

Love poem translated into ghari (Gari, Gae, West Guadalcanal, Tanaghai, Tandai-Nggaria, Ndi, Sughu, Sugu, Nggae, Geri, Nginia, Vaturanga, Tangarare, Nggeri, Qae), an oceanic language spoken by 15,000 speakers.

Ghari is a lingua franca in Guadalcanal and in the south-eastern Solomon Islands, it is a dialect of West Guadalcanal.

It is one of the local languages chosen by missionaries in the nineteenth century, both for religious instruction and education.

The art of northern Melanesia which is of Lapita culture is also reminiscent of that of Eastern New Guinea, these two regions having been in constant contact.

We find utilitarian objects, with finely carved figurative decorations which serve as currency of exchange. Objects religious inspiration or for religion are often among the most beautiful of Melanesia, whether it be sculpture, "bas-reliefs" or ceremonial masks.

The Solomon Islands are famous for their wooden containers in the shape of birds or fish, with remarkable purity of lines. Mother-of-pearl inlays illuminate these black painted objects.

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