Damineim e eyat kurni  Eiy wanga torongub iyon magut dabug.  Tadugin, tapuruw enan ekeow  Eiy wanga dugin nga ebonuw!
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Nauruan poem, translated by Cheers, thanks to Dani

The love poem in its Nauruan (Nauru) translation (Micronesian language, and official language of Nauru). About 7,000 islanders speak this language, a fusion of the different dialects of the island and the contributions of colonization! The island of Nauru is populated, by Nauruans who are a mixture of Melanesian and Micronesian peoples, as well as by some people of Chinese, Pacific and European origins. Nauru (21 km2), consists of a single atoll, its economy repose on the phosphates export. The island and its inhabitants, of Polynesian origin, were "discovered" in 1798. In 1888 Germany annex this whalers relay, which pass under the mandate of the SDN in 1920. Il will be occupied by the Japanese in 1942-45, then after the war, the island will be under the tutelage of the UN, which will delegate the administration to Australia. In 1968 Nauru become an independent republic, a member of the Commonwealth.
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